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Are you one of those guys who is constantly searching for the right girl to make your life complete? Maybe you need to try something different, special, and totally right for you. Ever had the ultimate GFE experience? GFE means "girl friend experience" and when you pick out the girl of your dreams from our roster of perfect glamorous gals than you will get the full GFE treatment that is sure to send your arousal level through the roof. We are talking serious sexy fun! You need it, you want it, and you sure as heck aren't going to find it at your local bar scene. The most gorgeous special girls in the world come to Las Vegas to show off their talents. Only the best of the best come here to give you the pleasure you are seeking.

Pleasure Is Our Business

While you are taking care of your business during the day in Las Vegas, then schedule some down time with one of our dazzling beauties to make your pleasure our business. She's ready and waiting to give you the full experience that only a massage therapist slash escort can provide to you in spades. You'll be treated like the king that you are with her sensual massage techniques that will blow you away. This is seriously the best most sensual sexual massage you will ever have. If you want a tantric experience we can do that. If you want a NURU massage, we can do that as well. And as for a happy ending? You don't have to question it. You are getting it done pal, and you will love it! You'll be more than pleased with the results of what our ladies can do for you. They want to show you the best time ever so that you'll keep our number on speed dial, and come back each time for more.

The Art of a Flirtatious Message

A regular massage therapist isn't going to flirt with you, but ours do and they are more than willing to play. It's so much more fun to have a lady really want to engage with you to give you the attention that you so rightly deserve. Say you want her to cozy up to you, sit on your lap, and run her beautiful hands through your hair and whisper sweet sexy talk in your ear. Then she's ready to do that, and more. Much much more. You won't get this type of treatment in a boring old club. You need a girl to come direct to you up to your suite to show you the best time ever.

Tantric Massage Is Just Spectacular Fun

The tantric ways of massage have been handed down through generation and generation, but it's a very special form of massage that helps to prolong the sexual experience. It's not instant gratification, but it's gratification that will be the best you have ever had. You'll be thinking about this experience for years to come. It's not something everyone can handle. So can you handle the intense sexual energy big guy? Take on the challenge of getting a true tantric massage so that you'll feel like a million buck after it's all said and done.

Bachelor Party Blowouts Are a Special Time To Enjoy

We also specialize in Vegas escort bachelor party blowouts, and can surely send up a few girls to take turns giving your groomsmen the services they will really enjoy. Sexul massage treatement are way more fun than your average strip club experience or hitting on some unattractive girls at your local bar. Our ladies are some of the most beautiful in the world. Only the best of the best get chosen to perform our services for you. You won't regret a dollar spent on some of the best adult entertainment around. So treat your entire bachelor party to an experience they will be talking about in hushed tones for years to come. It will go down as the best bachelor party ever!

You Like To Have Fun Don't You?

The time you will spend with one of our perfect 10's will be some of the best time ever. We guarantee you will be more than pleased and pleasured by the experience. It's the best in sensual massage Las Vegas that you can have. Don't be fooled by every ad for beautiful ladies since ours are truly superior to all the rest. Their beauty will leave you panting, and happily aroused in complete desire begging for more. We are more than happy to please you in each and every inch of your body with our Las Vegas in room massage services. So don't head for a club, or massage parlor. We are going to come to you, to make you happy in more ways than one!

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