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Sexy South Beach escort poses in provocative lingerie.There are some incredible South Beach escorts who get visits from international clients all the time. This is because Miami is such a metropolitan area. People from all over the world travel to the city on a regular basis for work, vacation, and more. Jazzmine is a sexy escort who shares her experiences on when men travel into Miami and want a visit.

The Girl Friend Experience

I have to say that there are a lot of people who want to spend time with a GFE escort when they are in Miami. This is because they want to have the full girlfriend experience. Whether they have a family at home or not, I don’t typically get into it all. However, I do know that men want to feel as though they have a girlfriend when they are in the city. I am happy to be that girl because it can provide companionship for both of us.

Together, we can go out to dinner, enjoy all of the sights and sounds that South Beach has to offer, and even go back to the hotel room in order to get comfortable. Men have been known to wine and dine me, and I’ve been known to provide some pretty exciting entertainment up in the hotel room. Popping up a bottle of champagne is a sure way to make sure that both of us relax, and that is when the real fun can begin.

There are a large number of consulates in Miami. This brings in quite a variety of men from around the globe. I’ve had international clients from Argentina, Spain, France, Germany, England, and many others asked for my companionship – and I’m always eager to provide it because it allows me to meet new men and learn about some of the different cultures.

What’s Offered

When I visit with the different men, they all want something a little different. This means that I have to be flexible in terms of the services I offer all the time. While many know Jazzmine to be a laid back girl who is always about having fun, many don’t know who I am or what’s going on in the city. This means that I have to play tour guide and make sure that people know that they can do quite a bit with me.

Many of my clients have learned that I offer NURU massage and this is something that is a favorite for me. It allows both of us to experience a significant amount of pleasure. We both strip down and I get to use my body as a massage tool. It is absolutely phenomenal, and one of my favorite things to offer.

Every South Beach escort has a slightly different story. She may have different services, and a visit with different clients. Because of Miami getting so much international attention, it’s very common for the girls to meet with men from every different background. What this means for you is that you can count on enjoying yourself when you are in South Beach, whether you want a sensual massage, a sexy tour guide for the city, or simply some companionship up in your hotel room. As long as you relax and enjoy yourself, you are sure to have some incredible memories to bring home with you.