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Miami EscortsDouble Trouble

Hello Gentlemen! I want to propose a rather wacky offer to you if you are the type who enjoys travelling back and forth across the United State. My name is Brianna and I am one of the many Las Vegas escorts who are available to service you by giving you companionship in the area. If you select me to be your date, I am hoping if you are someone who frequents Florida, you will consider calling my twin sister Gabriella to be your escort in Miami!

We are identical twins in every way, from looks, intellect and our job choice. Strippers in Miami cannot compare to the sultry performance Gabi can give you when you visit. She, like me, is versatile in that we both provide escort services as well as stripping services. Having a date with a pretty girl is much more exciting when you know what is to come when the date is over. Not all escorts in Miami will offer stripping as part of the deal. You usually will have a date, go out, and that is it. My sister however is employed by a company who believes the party is not over until you say it is over. You can enjoy having a pretty lady at your corporate function, go out on the town, and head back to your hotel.

Will You Know The Difference?

Whether you are one of my regular clients or a newcomer to the escort scene, I dare you to try to find a difference in the service my sister and myself provide. We are both top notch artists at what we do. I had heard the talented Miami Beach escorts are a bit more wild than Las Vegas strippers, but I beg to differ. My friends and I can really tear up a party when we want to! We have seen some interesting scenarios as well. Gabi is a party girl and one of the South Beach escorts who will go the extra mile in having their date satisfied with their service.

Miami strippers do have the benefit of being in a beach town, I'll give them that. When my sister comes to visit me, we sometimes practice our stripping acts. Honestly, It looks like I am looking into a mirror when Gabi does this with me. I think we strip pretty much in the same manner. So, if you have me as your escort tonight, and you enjoy what I do for you, and you are going to visit the Miami area in the near future, please give Gabi a call. She will be the Miami escort you dream of, and I do believe two is always better than one. What do you have to lose?

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